august 2014: train of thought

We continue to evolve each moment and it seems we become less human with every passing sun – less human, more spirit. Less sight / more vision. More observation of miracles, of love, of what makes us grow without a need for justification. This is the goal, isn’t it? To become closer to something we are trying to undo – to become ourselves like we’ve never been. This passage through humanity, a wandering mystery of motion and thought. Wherein every single instance we are flying, standing, spinning, loving, dying, living, knowing, demanding, accepting, rejecting, evolving, expanding keeping, shedding – - all of this, every moment – every single moment. Then it becomes clear. There is only one instant, this one. Where it is everything all at once. And I have to fight to remember that I am human. So, I simply let go and recall the solidarity and gracefulness of spirit, where every sensation translates into pure joy and where no thought of separation of any kind can slink in.

c h a n i

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