love will

love is everything & yet we seem so far from being able to fully grasp its power and actualize its potential – how often do we notice how much more we are able to accomplish (as people) when we are functioning within healthy truly loving relationships? ima just fall in love with love and fall in love with myself every day ..then maybe i’ll be able to better understand how to help others better understand the endless ways we can become more intimate with the idea of unconditional love …”love will never recognize logic” because logic is a tool of the mind & love is the essence of spirit – they know of each other but they operate on different planes – they have no real use for each other but they do co-exist and honor each others power and force. logic contributes to growth – love is the reason for growth. & reasons do matter. (y)our reasons matter. the very  reason for matter is to find a reason that matters. this is what fuels the expansion – this is what propels us forward into the next phase of life…love is what we are / logic is what we use to identify patterns of truth (both universal and ground level) …logic keeps the ground from becoming the sky in our minds / love allows the ground to reflect the sky in our hearts is about impossibilities and miracles – this is an atmosphere where logic turns into dust upon contact – logic is appropriate but love is the secret.


chani di prima

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