perfection of

perfect timing is        more than some empty handed expression no –              perfect timing is essence of what the     flower teaches synchronicity and       your best friend nothing to interpret this is stretching          beyond perception as we cripple beauty            with our eyes not realizing      she herself cannot see makes sense –                there are no mirrors where the soul dwells perfect timing is just unfolding          as you are perfect timing is                     knowing it’s enough to expect perfection    to be perfection and    understand you can always   only   get better        because perfection                    is not static my heart knows more than my mind thinks but you are your own process and always perfect                  maybe timing is a function of   observation & maybe observation is         a function of desire to understand & desire is              (most certainly) your very fiber your core is full              with wanting more! and still recognizes                    perfection is and does not care about the time it takes for you                                      to become 5/29/17

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