praying is not a plea

praying is not a plea – it is an opportunity to create a clear alliance with the highest, most evolved, purest version of you. where all manner of intelligence, love, light, truth, godliness, and valor reside without the necessity of judgement or perception. the nature of all that is. to become aligned with that is power. tap in.


praying for life’s unfolding to be marked with joy – expansion – ease – knowing…
a most powerful knowing – gentle being – clarity of thought and purpose – swiftness of intention

praying for know without question that the soul craves healing and that the journey is led by meaning – there is still much to discover – in completeness at every juncture pray that we sift out the blessings to transform our trials to strengths and carry on with a smile

let the rain carry sunlight to the core of all things and ask for faith to allow this humanness to be more than we can imagine – to always make love our center and bring healing into every interaction .where god is always accessible is where we choose to be..for everything we do in this life to be of greatness – discovering new ways to live and pray for the weightlessness of what we’ve uncovered in unconditional love to be guidance through all things effortlessly ..pray we rise above illusion and clarify perceptions – giving each other passage to a place ripe with vulnerability – that we shall grow with rapid response to pain and be tied only to our own powerful desires

to be utterly transparent and open to change love without fear  – to always choose vulnerability before and above choosing to hide behind the walls of mistrust and doubt /only by the laws of grace and attraction and by the will of god have we been allowed this miracle – to be the physicality of love.. here now with milk from trees and the honey of queens to soothe and soak our closing wounds and feed the soul.. asking today for a soft heart! to step out even further than before into a light we all shine – basking in the sureness of our desire – feeling the fullness of all that we are -

praying to know gratitude for what we’re willing to overcome is abundant – god holding us close and pushing us to grow.. in every step through the passage of eternity we are more whole – there is no limitation here – expanding endlessly and so there can be no other place than in this moment to remind us ..what we all need is never left behind us / falling forward with grace and ease to become ancient  - through the perpetuation of spirituality – praying the passion clarity diligence and direction in every microsecond to be full and complete with newness of freedom as though it were just discovered

..every moment new ..every moment freedom ..every moment an opportunity to become more –

from completion we begin

chani di prima
at your service 

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