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Here’s the story:

I came here – to the full page to disclose the thought process based on an Instagram comment to an Instagram post…so, this is when social media goes right!

Tonight there was a post; it was a cartoon of Einstein saying “you cannot solve a problem on the same consciousness that create it.”

An onlooker, a fellow instagramian responded with “unless that conciseness is able to view things in different perspectives.” OK, hmmm, interesting thought…But is that true? I don’t know, I have been reading Ernest Holmes so I am a little hyper on this particular topic at the moment…

So, I thought through his comment & quickly realized the fundamental flaw in this statement/interpretation. And it is a fundamental flaw we ALL apply to our lives every single day – and it is this …we confuse intelligence and perspective/perception (usually/mostly based on environmental and cultural input) with spiritual consciousness.

It was so interesting, as I continued to think it through! I draw a connection to the page in my book “perception overthrows reality” – and realize this is true because reality is our spiritual self & perception is our human self.

We rely on our humanness WAY more than we do our spirits. So….we fail to realize (most of us anyway) that our ideas, our goals, our dreams, our desires, our will; these things come from God – they are part of our consciousness, and our spirituality. But we are so caught in our humanness that we think of them as coming from our human minds; we relate to them as “humans” instead of as “spirits”. When really they have nothing to do with being human at all – we just happen to have a human form to express our spiritual volition. But I digress, this was not really what I wanted share!! Please read on….

I started to respond to his comment, but what I wrote (which I must say was pretty brilliant for being written via android keypad) – got inadvertently deleted.

…Different perspectives, within the same conscious plane will rely on the same general basis and/or “tools” for understanding and devising conclusions, so no matter the perspective there is a limit to what can be accomplished in terms of understanding. The capacity for discovery is limited and the ability to create space for discovery, hindered.

The root of a condition on a particular level of consciousness will only be truly overcome when the state of consciousness is overcome itself (surpassed, elevated, overthrown, and/or dissolved).

If we suppose that consciousness is the output of spiritual intelligence, even a different perspective on the same conscious plane would likely be lacking what’s required to identify the root of the issue, since this requires some level of elevation – hence being on a different plane. Our ability to “solve” “problems” comes from our ability to imagine possibilities and we are more likely to imagine a possible solution for a situation when we are outside of it – not merely looking at it from a different perspective on the same level of analysis. But looking at it from a new level of understanding.

There is a difference between perspective and consciousness.


- chani


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