something new

nobody looks up to measure their space or remembers how to love (on this wild stage / simply too much pain for anyone) – i bury myself deep in this sound / i spin the moon’s light and lift off – like ‘fuck the ground’ / just to lose myself & offer time a piece of eternity – - as if it were mine to offer & as if time was the symbol of poverty and eternity the great symbol wealth… but time just looks at me crazy & keeps moving – - straight line sharp corners (to be sure change is clearly marked) – while eternity gently reminds me with her soft edges and spiraling evolution just what planet im on / like birds under the sea (wings with no wind) every singularity magnified / obsessed with imperfection / so we crucify each other – every day unresolved / this individualistic mindset overthrows the collective (like) everything is imbalanced here so i find myself – once again – with eternity’s promise and my lack of fear – this onset of self defined accomplishment / as i choose to make clear my thoughts travel distances beyond so / every chance i get im remembering this might be my last chance not to forget – my dreams melt into daylight my eyes are sewn to the sun / my hands are made of angel’s flesh & im reaching far / im reaching hard / im trying to become the stars (again) for everyone – this poetry is like pulling the earth up from heaven with my teeth / i’ve never been so hungry – to be myself a million times giving something different to anyone able to listen to anyone in need of the company //

- chani di prima

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