spilling freedom

this freedom

is spilling

like gravity

into the hands

of thought

winged and masked

for the journey

from dream

to flesh

we are neither

sleeping nor awake

in limbo – numb

from the pain of truth

and love

and power

spirit screams into

the silence & you can

only see the vibration

of sound unfurling

beneath you

body language is so

unforgiving and

we are not

going to make

it out alive

so stop trying

really cheating death? (lol)

we are the epitome of

comedic genius

but our love -

this i know

will surely

survive…well seems

i’ve marked you

left a stain on your image

of who i can be …so

now you may

consider me as your

muse or something

less impressive if

that don’t jive

it’s your move

- think fast

and remember

in your

divine wisdom

you do


time so fuck

the status quo &

go! – be willing

change (now)

forget the world

be happy in this

broken space and

light up the world

go on now

everyone is watching

& pretending they’re not

perfect time to show em

the truth

1.26.17 – c h a n i

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