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i have to admit that labor day was not very laborious, but when the wind and heat drove me and two friends to the emeryville marina and i came upon this beautiful image of one man indulging his senses or his spirit (whichever it may have been), i took it as an opportunity to do what any responsible artist would. i took his picture, i wrote to his image, i created a print, and now i am blogging about it. xo chani (enjoy)



we are indeed – at all times, both the observer and the observed.. eternity is nothing when captured by thought and yet all that is seems confined to its endlessness - anything within reach of thought ceases to be measurable when held to the light (this human experience is the expansion of love & so this is why when we measure love - it hurts!) .pure love is without form or reason or measure - for there can be no real reason for that which is (EXCEPT for its own business to be itself absolutely) because in the very precise moment we say something is “because..” we have assumed to understand its nature as outside of ourselves and tainted the beauty of observation with thought - to see the eternal nature of what it is - we must observe our own nature without motive - it is wise to observe and say “i do not wish to know why – i only wish to know! and the ‘why’ will be revealed without inquisition or force and then my understanding will be rich .. as the reason for a thing begins before i could ever even know to ask and its end will become new in the eternities yet shown

- c h a n i, 2015



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