the standard

falling asleep to…
waking up to…
the feeling      like 
to have last night be every   night 
curve of light 
in small spaces 
between – getting lost in the foundation of morning – when i 
get to have my way with…
watching our movements 
i know 
this story 
comes from the inside of heaven 
so i don’t worry 
and i don’t have the perfect words -experience is its own explanation
it’s not even about love / 
like this learning 
to express expansion without crashing

to love without expecting 

isn’t enough for us 
to manifest and course correct 
for most of eternity 
able to see 
the beauty of newness 
we DO create what we have 
& having successfully mastered strength – -
vulnerability is the 
only thing that
makes sense   now
& i don’t want anything less
than the feeling of
waking up to…
a cause for celebration 
your arms around me       more than

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