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..i think within the context of balance – everyone is learning & acting out their own karma life by life.. the injustices of pure hate and ignorance are dreadful & can only be lessened over time..ultimately being diluted by death (death = transformation) or by an assimilation of peripheral change in individuals (gradual change)..we are all capable of manifestation but we are all also living through various inputs based on our culture and environment ..positive change needs to be drastic enough and within close enough proximity to toxic (negative) events (which are the spawns of negative energy) to effect people’s minds – & remembering that too much positive leads back to negative..because we need both – - detachment (non judgment)/is power ..peaceful prayers and silent personal positive thought based meditation practices never hurt (i recommend it, really) but to create recognizable (i.e. widespread) change is of another fabric / recognizable change comes in the form of violence (not physical violence, but the essence of violence as a rapid/fierce/uncontrollable influx and shifting of energy)..but we know too that big waves of change cannot be handled by all ..some need less impact for the same result or less impact for no result ..in this life – - some are not ready to recognize what is “real” and their candy coated unicorn haloed fart bubble is all they can handle this round of living, despite the horrendous reality consuming  some pockets of our socially insane planet..  and that’s ok. because on the other hand, some are so immersed in the soil of displeasure, you could not explain love to them with ten thousand dictionaries or show love to them with a lifetime of compassion..the truth is not for everyone at once ..it is for everyone in time tho…change is usually either perceived as instantaneous (death of an idea/life/situation) or gradual (“one day at a time”)..but really it’s always both ..so ridding stupidity (racism, rage as an emotional expression, etc.) from our suffocating globe just takes time .meanwhile shit will get uglier for the conscious (while simultaneously & indirectly healing the sick-minded by empowering the ignorant with a desire for self-knowledge) & more interesting for the brainwashed addicts (while they too edge closer to the power of self actualization as a means to accelerating healing).. .anyone who is an extremest (“new age” people included) are just spiritually getting acclimated to some next life or a needed current life lesson..it can feel good to prescribe to something even if its overly self righteous and ends up in contradiction because your judging what you swore you’d not pay in attention….i see us all as immature spirits figuring out how to die gracefully and by gracefully ..i mean with valor…


“in a mass of immature geniuses”



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