when i close my eyes

the world seems to melt
when my eyes close

the sound of growing wings
of anticipation for change

sounds like forming ice
sounds like spinning
sounds like preparation

behind a veil that holds no shame
a veil assembled before beauty was unwelcome
disguised by its own name / nothing behind it
yet still it hangs

like a masterpiece of misunderstanding

the sun is my torch
when my eyes close

moon made of silk – conjured from emotion
carved from something softer than metal or wood

as if we could sculpt our tears
as though we could wear our passion
like tailored suits fold the hems of our desires to just the right length
balanced in stilettos with the grace of every goddess
my hips are wider than the sea
passage for children yet to come

thought holds me so close it’s as if i cannot breathe

then my eyes close
and i glow the ease overcomes me

behind screens of perfect wire mesh
i am caught in every small square
and i have sipped from the sky a liquid glass
joyful my stomach does not turn at the screams
of tortured souls
rather than curl – i unfold for them
i bring them in i am unconcerned of their pain
my compassion has no name
my eyes gently close and
i am not daring enough to compete with anyone

but i beat the drum of my own voice there is an angel in my throat
she talks to the ground there are storms in my veins thunder and lightning
beneath my flesh – - when i close my eyes
my blood is filled with a the dna of stars
time feels torrential
soaked by the counting
saturated in the fatty tissue of age
the poetic epidemic approaches and no one is prepared
the apocolypse is a creative force
and no one has stocked up on their canvas patterned fabrics
pens paint brushes and old magazines

we will be forced to collage and write pages of clarifying affirmations
slowly torturing ourselves into joy

are we not just below the surface
humanity feeding off of its own misguidedness

i am stronger than a thousand armies
and my enemies have never lived

taking nothing for granted
swimming in a sea of language
with no lips
no ears
i am light
i am light

the keys are further apart than i remember
but i find the angle of truth
hiding not
in front of god
naked and blind

when my eyes close

see clearly
when my eyes close

forget what was
when my eyes close

learn to rise
when my eyes close

i am open
and undenied

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