Chani Anne Di Prima was born at home on September 10th 1978 in San Francisco and began writing at age 13. She grew up with her mother and brother and has self published two books of poetry — first in 1995 and again in 2001.

Chani is the eldest granddaughter to Italian-American poet and beat generation icon Diane Di Prima. At age 16 Chani attended Naropa Institute where she studied poetry and creative writing under Allen Ginsberg, Ann Waldman and her grandmother (among others). She uses poetry and journaling as a means of self reflection and an outlet for a prolific gift of translating thought into beautiful images and profound words – delivering a message of honesty.

Chani has recorded music and performs live. Still a bay area resident working and raising her daughter while tirelessly committed to getting her work into the world. Chani makes a statement of honesty passion and originality through her writing and her life.



“bending the earth for the amusement of our genius” 

Q&A with Chani Di Prima 

How old were you when you started writing?

I wrote my first poem at 13 years old. It was actually a love poem, but I had not yet been in love. I started keeping a journal at 14.

 What inspired lookinside?

God inspired lookinside and worked through people in my life in a beautiful way to bring this book into the world. From the black & white concept, to the design, to the title – it was magic. lookinside was created from the idea that the most powerful lines from my poetry and writing could stand on their own, and presenting them that way. So, many of the quotes are derived from poems, which are in the book. When these quotes appear in their original context of a poem or other writing there’s a lot to take in. But when seen on their own, there is literal and figurative space to “look inside” - – to find/draw meaning. There is something very healing and powerful about thinking in a creative, positive and honest way – all at the same time. 
How long have you been writing poetry? 
It’s been 22 years since I started writing poetry. 
What is your spiritual background? 
My spiritual background…hmm. Well, I grew up with Buddhism. I lived with my grandmother for a summer long meditation retreat in the Colorado mountains when I was 9, and I learned a lot about meditation in that time. So, I suppose that’s my foundation. I also have family who practice to Santería, which helped create a deeper understanding of our ancestral reality. I was reading Plato, Aristotle, Sun Tzu and Krishnamurti in my teens; then studied astrology and the Mayan calendar in my 20′s. Soon after, I was introduced to Christianity. I fell in love with god for the first time and it was an absolutely amazing and completely necessary experience. At this stage of life my spirituality is really rooted in the desire for peace, unconditional love and self awareness :).
Who do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from God. But I can also always draw inspiration from reading my grandmother’s work. Something about her style + our connection makes it so easy to tap in to my voice. But I mostly draw inspiration from living, watching and listening to life – it never stops amazing me.