written 7.30.14 (impromptu)

in this swirling / faster than thought & invisible to the human eye / it is my spirit they do not see / my voice has transformed to matter / flesh made of ink (sometimes even led) / drenched in the sound of peace (in these moments where i am nearer to silence than to the ground – closer to the sun than to earth) / tucked under stars in a world where god is sold and love is lost / but there is magic carved in my soul & ive been sent with a message of light / ive died 5000 times / would be foolish to fear death in spite of life / in this magnetic embrace of gravity and dreams / i live not by sight / yet my tears have filled the ocean a hundred times / we’re all high on self demise.. ego driven.. crashing into the very walls we’ve built ../ so im in training..learning how to lookinside / be an openbook / find new levels of faith ..meek spirit and an eager mind / every night that falls rises to become new (with every tomorrow life is reborn – this is nothing new) and still we are not transformed .our ability to resist change is stunning

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