ode (to jhene)

sometimes an artist inspires you deeply – jhene aiko efuru chilombo is one of those artists to me.
this poem incorporates as many of her song titles (in blue)  as i could think of in the moment
i wrote it in my car! 

behind this maze of eternal sunshine
from time   to time
a fantasy of wading     inside this blue dream
the W.A.Y.S you seem   a stranger to me
but you know    my center so
why aren’t you smiling 
it’s  july    and the mirror is clean for reminding
my soul is drinking & driving 
my mind is singing    my heart sighing
as i listen to the light with spotless mind & the
season when we were
growing apart comes to life in my mind
but you told me
to      be brave &
to   stay ready  (what a life)       & i did &
it’s cool cuz i got you
exit stage left & went to  marvin’s room
for the get down – that space jam autotune
but got lost on my way      i’m on a
higher level now baby i’m taking names
it’s you vs them      they just in the way
found bed peace    with a lyin king
& these vapors got my heart
beating like i’m popular / it’s getting messy
to live & die on the edge of greatness
a maniac in the making
like a flower in the basement
we all get the do better blues
sometimes       you my mine ours- this
pressure is real now       but remember we sailing 
not selling    sould out    not sold out
beware not to fall in love on the first fuck 
the worst always fades & leaves
you to the noiseless past
of your inhaling  -       sparks will fly 
when the beginning
ends & we’re in     limbo limbo limbo until then
it’s like black magic when we’re
where we post to be         this is for my brother 
forever he stays so close to me
i see so many pretty birds that
keep the wind from falling
& then again i think you might be my ex again
so i’m                 drunk texting you
making promises        i might never keep
with these pink toes &
memories of your last hoe but i know these
b’s & h’s ain’t worth my soul
i’m out – sailing mine on airwaves
comfort inn ending
take my time    like bypassing
elevators for stairways
in this beautiful ruin
my truth is
(this music)


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